In the midst of a global pandemic, many of you hold the question, “can make up artist work” during COVID-19?

In short, the answer is yes. However, the Coronavirus outbreak has definitely impacted many makeup artists around the globe.

SS By now, reality has set in and we are coming to terms with the fact that COVID-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon. In that, many of us are beginning to re-invent the way we experience precious social interactions such as weddings, and events. Makeup artists, as well as hair stylists, play a huge role in these social experiences and are now taking very cautious approaches as they deal with clients in the wake of this pandemic. Companies, such as MBD Artistry & Co., have set very high COVID-compliant sanitation standards for the safety of their clients, as well as their cosmetic teams. Temperatures are checked and monitored, masks are required, face shields may be used, and periodic hand washing and sanitizing is strictly enforced. The service areas are also sanitized after each client is serviced, as well as each utensil in the make up artists vanity. Guests are also restricted to minimize risk by controlling the occupation of space. Many Makeup Artists and cosmetic service providers, such as MBD Artistry & Co., have implemented the use of COVID-19 compliance assessments and waivers. The typical assessment is a questionnaire that analyzes risk, factoring a number of coronavirus-related symptoms that an individual has been or is currently experiencing. Waivers are in place as physical acknowledgement to any possible risk of transmission. Before you book a makeup artist during Covid-19, be sure that they have your best interest at heart. Good indicators of low risk service providers, are companies or professionals that provide you with COVID-19 practice updates and reminders. Strong communication of compliance guidelines through website and email announcements, and on-site reminders and re-enforcements are also good indicators of mindful, low-risk makeup service providers. All in all, this coronavirus outbreak has been widespread, however, it doesn’t necessarily have to stop you from creating beautiful, memorable moments with the help of your favorite local makeup artist!