Perhaps your wedding day is just around the corner, or maybe you have a special event in the books. Whatever the reason is that you’re wanting to have a makeover, you should be able to look and feel amazing! The truth is, no matter how on point your contour is, your smile will still be one of the first things people notice about you.

I’ve been doing makeup for a while, and every time I work with a client, I get to hear a lot about them while I’m making them look fabulous. One of my favorite questions to ask is what they love most about their faces and then what they would enhance if they had the option. Surprisingly, the most common response I get to the latter question has nothing at all to do with their facial features…instead, it’s their teeth they want to change! After having what felt like a very similar conversation with so many people, I decided to come up with a list of tips that can help you achieve the smile of your dreams to pair with an amazing makeover so that you can shine with the confidence you deserve. 

Get Professional Whitening

I like to start with this one, because this is the most common thing I hear my clients say they want to change about their smiles. Stains and yellowing on teeth are something that tons of people struggle with, but the good news is, your dentist has state-of-the-art professional whitening technology that can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades in an hour! Instead of wasting time and money on over-the-counter strips and gels that don’t do the trick, let your dentist get your pearly whites shining brightly again with in-office whitening.

Talk to Your Dentist About Porcelain Veneers

A dazzling set of teeth isn’t called a “Hollywood Smile” for nothing! Tons of famous celebrities have porcelain veneers, and these paper-thin shells are a perfect and non-invasive way to mask flaws like cracks, chips, dark stains, or even gaps in between teeth. Just ask Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Demi Moore and many other stars!

Consider Invisalign

The second most mentioned flaw that my clients say they want to fix when it comes to their smiles is misaligned teeth. Gone are the days of your self-esteem having to take a hit for months at a time because of metal brackets and wires. Ask your dentist if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign so that you can straighten your teeth while still feeling like a rock star.

Practice A Regular Oral Hygiene Routine

It might sound simple, but it’s effective! Brushing and flossing your teeth and gums every day is the best way to take care of your smile in the long run. Regardless of how amazing your makeup looks or how much cosmetic dentistry you have done, maintaining it is key to keeping your teeth in great condition. 

The last thing you want to have to worry about when you’re getting ready for your big day or a special event is whether or not you’re going to be distracted by trying to hide your smile the entire time. When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, we’ve got you covered, but don’t forget to show your smile some love too.