It is 2021, where wild possibilities have now become tangible in the make-up world. From larger than life lashes, to insane lip art, make up is moving just as fast, if not faster than the world. As we enter into an era of heightened consciousness, we are more mindful than ever of the products we use and how they impact our bodies, and furthermore how they impact the social and natural environments around us. We have gathered 5 make up brands that do not inflict harm or death on animals during their production process.

It is no secret that Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is one of the leading makeup brands progressing into 2021. Not only does Fenty produce vegan products, Fenty does not perform

animal-testing, nor do any of their suppliers. Not only is the entire line vegan, it is also free of oils, cruelty, and gluten, making it a very mindful, clean, and forward-thinking brand. Hats off to Rihanna!

You may be walking around with some Covergirl in your makeup bag right now, if not owning some sort of product from their makeup line at some point. In 2018, Covergirl stepped up and made a bold pivot, by implementing top of the line, cruelty free practices throughout their entire supply chain. In doing so, Covergirl received a certification from Leaping Bunny, an international organization, recognizing cruelty free cosmetics brands.

Elf Cosmetics is another widely-known brand that has managed to achieve both cruelty free and 100% vegan products across their makeup line while effectively maintaining very reasonable consumer price points.

If you are a fan of bold, rich eye shadows, you are probably not a stranger to Urban Decay’s NAKED palettes. Upon looking deeper into this brand, you just may be surprised to find that they are cruelty-free too! Urban decay has pledged to do their part when it comes to environment and social responsibility.

Milani, grown popular for their rose powder blush, is yet another brand that is cruelty free across their entire makeup line, simultaneously providing vegan products, completely free of any animal bi-products.